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Fabrics for the human body.

since 1977.

Behind dfine stands the Feinjersey Group, a fully integrated fabrics manufacturer in Austria, in the heart of Europe. The dfine fabric range is our answer to the modern needs of high-end apparel brands.

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Exceptional fine rib qualities made in Austria on re-engineered machines. 

The core of our production consists of machines that have been modified by our own engineers to be able to produce the finest rib qualities available in the market. 

With these machines we achieve extremely flat and soft surfaces on our fabrics. This is one of our biggest differentiators in comparison to conventional rib constructions. 

From wood-based fibers to Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene

We have developed comprehensive specialized knowledge, ranging from knitting to finishing. Through the combination of wood-based fibers and degradable elastane, we are able to create high-quality elastic products that can degrade after their lifecycle, causing less harm to the environment.

Simultaneously, we are able to handle the most demanding high-tech yarns, such as Dyneema®, which can rival pure steel in strength and require absolute precision and flawless processing.

We engineer sustainable synergies. From water to chemicals to energy.

At the heart of our operation lies a deeply ingrained philosophy of sustainable synergies. By interlinking our processes, we see that conserving water does not only lead to a direct reduction in water usage. Instead, this conservation becomes the cornerstone of a chain reaction, decreasing the need for chemicals and subsequently diminishing energy demands.
This intertwined relationship between water, chemicals, and energy ensures that when one is conserved, the benefits resonate through the entire operational spectrum, solidifying our commitment to eco-efficiency.

Water-Efficient Dyeing

CPB short liquor ratios of 1:0,8, reducing both water, chemical usage and energy.

Heat Recovery

Conserved energy from wastewater, exhaust air, and production machines. Additional heat exchange between hot and cold streams.

Chemical Optimization

Automated dye kitchen & in-house lab ensure precise and minimal chemical utilization.

Wastewater Management

Permanent monitoring and CO2 is reused to stabilze the PH-Valuebefore eco-compliant discharge.

Full monitoring enables us to measure the resource consumpiton per kilo of fabric.

We’ve created a production environment where every process is connected through sensors. By integrating technology into the fabric of our operations, we ensure that from the moment raw materials enter our facility to the time finished products are dispatched, every step is traceable, accountable, and optimized.

This digital integration is more than just oversight — it’s about gaining granular control, adapting in real-time, and ensuring that the quality of our products is not just maintained but consistently elevated.

Digital Oversight

Real-time process control via MES (orgatex) and digital process creation.

Resource Analytics

Real-time process control via MES (orgatex) and digital process creation.

End-to-End Integration

Remote management capabilities and automated material management, ensuring fluid operations.

Quality Assurance

Comprehensive quality checks with 100% inspection rate and dedicated testing labs.